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There’s a really neat club called Artsnacks you can find at http://www.artsnacks.co  and I’ve been looking at it for a long time. I did some zentalngling a few years ago and tried to get into drawing, it’s just not my discipline. But I love the idea of the monthly box coming to your door with a surprise of several art supplies.


Does anyone know if there’s something similar for calligraphers/fountain pen users? Not sure what they could include…going by Artsnack, I’d say maybe a couple dip nibs, a tube of gauche to mix for callighrphy “ink”, sampling of new papers for fountain pens, maybe  a 1 or 2 ml. ink sample. I dunno, just seems like it’d be nice if we had our own thing as artists do. The funniest thing being I’m putting myself in with calligraphers-I’m trying to do it but will never get very good at it given the circumstances I’m forced to live under in this Nazi Amerika.


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I got up and fed my cat as usual then went back to bed (well, it was 3.30 AM-she’s got a bum thyroid) and listened to some creepy stories on youtube then decided at 5 to just get up. Couldn’t wait to get cracking at the pen but not right out of bed.

AS the day has worn on, I’ve done this. Have another in the works. Not what I’d really call calligraphy but it’s a lot better than what I was doing before I decided to get serious about penmanship. Hook or by damned crook I will get this before I die.

The lyrics are written in Dr.Ph Martin’s Radiant watercolour. I got so many of these a while back and love them but I can’t really pain watercolour. Unfortunately,they feather on this paper where fountain pen ink wouldn’t. I just don’t own any red fountain pen ink (aside from Diamine Oxblood). Since I deleted my Flickr in a fit of rage I guess this is all I have to gauge my progress now.



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